Style passion - High waisted skirt look

Style passion - High waisted skirt look

High waisted skirts look best with tops tacked in.Top tucked in skirt creates clear waist appearance.
Top should be fitted something like soft blouse,a dress shirt or even a tank top,if you choose thinner fabrics they tend to fold less when tucked into skirts.Choose well-fitted tops, like a crop top or an off-the-shoulder one to avoid looking frumpy. If you are going to tuck in the top, choose a thin fabric like chiffon so that it will not bunch up underneath the skirt.
A high-waisted pencil skirt, especially one that has a lot of details around the waistband, look best when a top is tucked into the skirt.  If tucking makes you uncomfortable, choose high-waisted pencil skirt without a lot of activity around the waistband. Then choose a top that has shape,avoid anything too big and baggy or that has no waist definition.
More you shorten your torso with something too high-waisted, the larger your bust will appear.  To avoid looking like someone with just boobs and a waist without a mid-section, either choose high-waisted pencil skirts that sit lower, or shaped tops that you don’t tuck and can be worn without having to be tucked in

Pair your High waisted skirt with heels,wedges or with close-toed heels,they can also be good for summer outfit.This kind of skirts usually don't go well with boots,flip-flops or flats.Maybe some delicate ankle boots will be good if you have long legs and flat shoes maybe work for more casual look.
Since the high-waist look is so classic, it gives you room to experiment. Maybe play around with colors you love, and different lengths and shapes of skirts. 
High waisted pieces are very versatile and go well both for casual or formal outfits.
This outfit is for girls with pear shaped bodies and large hips and thighs, along with heavier legs.

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