Simple style - Calvin Klein Jeans Mom Jeans Outfit

Calvin Klein Jeans Mom Jeans Outfit

Aptly-and ironically-named, this straight-leg pair from Calvin Klein Jeans features the throwback fit beloved by It girls everywhere, plus a lived-in wash that mimics the coveted look of vintage denim.
Keep it classic with a printed button-down shirt, but reach for a pair of statement heels.

This is such an effortlessly cool look—and a realy simple and quick one to put together in a short time!
Wear a pair of pumps like these for your day-to-evening edit with a pair of well-loved jeans, and you're set.This Italian-crafted pair is shaped with an asymmetric cut-out front near the point toe, which creates a leg-lengthening effect, then elevated on a vertiginous pin-thin stiletto heel for harmonious, elegant feel. It almost doesn't matter what you have on top; with a ratty T-shirt or a couture blouse, the combination of jeans and pumps gives your outfit a "on my way to a fashion show".

And, while there are lots of ways to mix and match jeans with heels.

Simple style

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