Grey  Jumper Dress outfit

It's not a new and revolutionary style, but it's certainly a warm, comfortable, trendy, with 70's vibe.

When talking about sweater dresses, we can say that this season comes in millions of styles, designs, colors, graphics and patterns making them a super-versatile piece of clothing that you can wear for every occasion, office or weekend. They are easy to style, they are worn on bare legs or with tights, and with shorts below if you want.

The best choice for a busy morning when you do not know what to wear, or a week when you are preparing lunch for your friends. Just add some boots, coats and you are ready! There are huge Chunky sweater dresses, which look like they are 10 sizes larger, but they look incredible in combination with classic stiletto shoes or high boots.

Short versions are great for going out for lunch and dinner, and even meetings. Sweater dresses look great with any style of shoes, you can combine them with a blazer or a coat of false fur if you want a vibe of 70. Not to mention the texture in which these sweater dresses come in. From the thinnest silk to chunky fat.

Grey  Jumper Dress outfit

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